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DemonLover97's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
((About the Admin))

I love to draw!! Lol, i used to draw anime which i kinda still do but now im trying to be more realistic with my art its going ok i guess i think im an amateur
I draw comics too but mostly for just one of my friends and he
loves them very much (idk y )
Idk if i will be on much im hoping some of u will like my art and who knows what ill do next i love to draw so if u have anything for me ill love to give it a try im always up for a challenge :)
I also love music and singing but i suck
The profile pic is just part of an amazing picture made by one of my awesome friends ^^ ❤❤❤❤❤❤

(( About Serenity))

((I created Serenity when i was very young so her bio was not the greatest so I changed a few things since now i actually have some time :/ ))

Serenity is just a simple vampire born into a normal family (a mother, a father, and a twin brother. She was born in the early 18th century which explains why she loves to wear baroque/victorian styled dresses.

A Lovely Stroll by DemonLover97 Sweet Little Doll by DemonLover97

Her and her family lived in London and were never really known. Her parents never sent her or her brother to school or let them be outside unless they were with them. They were educated by their parents and they were each others only friend. The reason why they could not interact with others like normal children was because of the fact that they aren't normal themselves. Their parents wanted them to be safe. Besides her brother being her only friend Serenity also considered her little dolls her friends as well.
Like any other girl she loved dressing them up and playing with them and she thought they were beautiful and she always wanted to have that same beauty which is why she sort of looks like one because of the dresses and accessories she wears daily (like her bat hair clip). Since she never interacted with other people growing up she tends to be shy around people she doesn't know. Once she gets to know a person she will be very friendly with that person and she will show her true colors. Despite being a vampire she is actually very kind towards people she likes and cares for. She knows how to fight hand to hand but she has no clue how to use a weapon. She doesn't like being the center of attention and prefers to be in the shadows. She can be awkward sometimes around people she doesn't know. If she has to start a conversation she'll start stuttering uncontrollably and she'll stay silent for a few minutes. She has always had a love for sweets especially french macaroons. She loves how cute they look and how there is a variety of different colors for each cookie. She hates people who lie or think they are above others. All in all she's just a normal girl who enjoys the little things in life.

Cutie by DemonLover97

Serenitys' list of friends~!

Serenitys' love~ ❤️ :iconalucardofhellsing: ❤️
~ you have won my heart ❤️ and i love you for doing so~

Serenitys' closest friends: :iconrikkugurl90:, :iconwolfsamurai000:, :iconlovingtech593:, :iconshoutakeo:
~ you guys are so wonderful ^^~

Serenitys' friends: :iconmidnightwaterlilly:, :iconyui-won:

~ very nice and lovely souls C:~

Serenitys' disliked people: :iconask-helengentilety:

~ you have annoyed me and brought down my wrath ...i loathe you...~

( ask to be on the list and i will add you)

* Serenity had taken a walk around town since she felt like it's been a while since she went on a walk. She didn't buy anything or went exploring into her favorite stores like she usually would. All she did was walk around the area without a care in the world. Of course there were some people who would give her a weird look because she was wearing her red sleeveless victorian-styled dress with a pink ribbon and white ruffles along with old looking black boots with a small heel. She didn't seem to mind the stares all she did was enjoy her little evening stroll around town. As she continued her walk she noticed a small playground that was empty due to the fact that the kids had left to get ready for bed. She walked over to the playground and noticed the swing set. She walked over to it and sat on one of the swings and began gently pushing herself. She didn't go to high just yet but she was enjoying herself regardless. She started to giggle a bit as her smile widened. * 

Serenity: I haven't been on one of these in such a long time. I feel like Im about to take off~! *she laughs a bit as she continues to swing as her long black hair sways back and forth and some strands even get in her face and mouth which causes her to laugh even more. She was truly in solace on this lovely evening*


Groups and Collabs
What just happened??? by DemonLover97
Alice Human Sacrafice (My OC version) by DemonLover97
Serenity and Alucard (finished) by DemonLover97
Alucards Super Fangirls!!! (Completed) by DemonLover97
I will draw 5 of ur Oc's in a group picture
5 characters is the limit
Or i will do a collab of Oc's with characters from shows
Pen Art
Serenity by DemonLover97
Reading by DemonLover97
Miss Happy and Miss Sad by DemonLover97
I will draw in pen and i mostly use black and i will draw Oc's or anything u request
Full view of character or OC
Peaceful by DemonLover97
Miss Serenity by DemonLover97
Remilia Scarlet by DemonLover97
Oc or character full view posing or not 
Progress?? by DemonLover97
Head shots of any OC or characters from a show 

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